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Rocket Ride (Youjo Senki) :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 9 2
Rocket Ride (The Path to Victory and Rise of Evil)
Countless soldiers, false retreat,
The plans are set in motion.
Lure them in with marching feet,
Destroy them with devotion.
Fairies race like fireflies
Towards their destination.
Rocket ride to crimson skies
To end this confrontation.
Spearhead of the Blitzkrieg's might,
They're flying fast and steady.
Gaining speed and gaining height,
The door knockers are ready.
Breaking through the wall of sound,
The hydrogen is blazing.
This will be the final round,
The fatherland they're praising.
Notch and dive, surprise attack,
Like arrows they are moving.
Forward men! To hell and back!
Their spirit they are proving.
Kill the foe or end up dead,
No other options given.
Taking the Republic's head,
By iron grit they're driven.
Finally the day has come,
Our best and finest hour.
Shells are raining, bullets drum,
We'll crush them with our power.
Open fire, no retreat!
Behind the lines of battle
They can hear the cannon's beat
And men who die like cattle.
Storm their bunkers, take a hold,
Today this
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 2
Battle of the Fjord (Youjo Senki) :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 6 0 Devil of the Rhine (Youjo Senki) :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 16 0
Battle of the Fjord (The Pixie Battalion)
Dropped into the icy squall,
They strike in heavy snowing.
Mages of the Reich stand tall,
Elenium is flowing.
Coastal guns are taken out,
Like bombers they are raiding.
Spells rain down like thunder loud,
The empire's invading.
Battle rages in the sky,
Above the clouds they're clashing.
Bayonet them where they fly!
The combat wing is dashing.
Praise the Lord and take the fjord,
The 203rd is attacking.
Can't outrun the major's gun,
From sea comes the naval fleet's backing.
Know the name and spread her fame,
For every position she's sacking.
Tanya the evil, a fairy of steel,
Making the empire's enemies kneel.
Tanya the devil, the fatherland's pride,
Silver-winged pixie, our ace and our guide.
Tanya, our major, remember her deed,
Opened a way for the fatherland's fleet.
Tell of the mages who fought on the shore,
First in the fire, they knocked down the door.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 0
Devil of the Rhine (Deus lo Vult)
Thrown into a world at war
By unknown intervention,
Iron wings will take me far;
To live is my intention.
Follow me and watch in awe,
Obey and pay attention.
Los, ihr Maden! Feuer! Schnell!
The empire's demanding.
Smite them down and give them hell!
Your savior is commanding.
Battle mages rise and fly,
Their vibrant shields are humming.
Fiery spells enlight the sky,
Machine gun rounds are drumming.
Even if our foes aim high,
They'll never see us coming.
Soar, you cowards! Fight and fall!
You're gonna life forever.
Deus vult! We heed the call
To glory and endeavor.
Flying ghostlike, I am death,
The Rhine theater's devil.
'Till my distant dying breath
In burning clouds I'll revel.
Flames and pungent smoke shall wreathe,
This whole damn world I'll level.
Powder is our fairy dust,
My soldier's guns are flaring.
As the lines below combust,
With pleasure I am glaring.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Light Along the Inverse Curve (Dishonored)
When Justice turned her back on you, vendetta was a given.
A rain of blades will get you through, by Nemesis you're driven.
You walk among the weeping sick, a scheme on roofs and funnels.
You're tearing Dunwall brick by brick and blink through flooded tunnels.
The towers of the traitors' reign, in time they will be falling.
Through every power that you gain, the nothingness is calling.
The void must be the path to tread, no time for hesitation.
Your months in prison, cold and wet, they were a declaration.
You burn them like they burn the whales this city needs to function.
You're always on their heels, their tails, prepared for the conjunction.
So take back honor, use the mark and kill the false dictator,
And even though your path is dark, the realm will thank you later.
You're the light in the black,
The empress' sole protector.
You're taking Dunwall back
As vengeful soul collector.
The city rots away, no mercy for the hunted.
You're rising from the dead, as force that can't be shunte
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 4 2
The Curse of Billy Bones
The tavern looms atop the hill,
Our golden age has vanished.
The wind becomes a biting chill,
My greed has left me banished.
I see them when I close my eyes,
My demons always follow.
Their accusations, woeful cries,
Are never ringing hollow.
I fear the day when they'll catch up,
No mercy will be given.
To fallen mates I raise my cup,
To vengeance they are driven.
I'll tell you of the dead men's chest,
The cursed and bloody island,
Where many weathered seamen rest,
For corpses will be silent.
But every night I hear them scream,
A deafening crescendo.
I still can see the riches gleam,
A scary innuendo.
I try to silence guilt and ghosts
With rum and senseless pleasure.
But even after many toasts,
Their anger has no measure.
My hand is shaking like the trees,
The spot inside is taunting.
I feel my blackened lifeblood freeze,
While Davy Jones comes haunting.
My vision fades, I close my eyes,
I drift in silent water.
My dying breath will tell no lies:
Prepare thee for the slaughter.
Beware t
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 4 3
Last Day of the Time War
"Arcadia has fallen. I repeat, Arcadia has fallen."
The invasion is unfolding,
Grand Arcadia ablaze.
Trenches in the skies are holding,
Still, this is the end of days.
Countless ages we've been fighting,
Space and time are burning out.
History we've been rewriting,
The forbidden was allowed.
From above their fleet is coming,
Ready to exterminate.
I can hear a distant drumming,
This here is our final fate.
There's a man who was the Doctor,
Lost in time with bloody hands,
But today he is the proctor
And the last of us who stands.
There's a girl, a wolf, a weapon.
All of this will end today.
In this moment it shall happen,
Stopping this eternal fray.
All of us, we will be burning,
Time Lords, Daleks, all the same.
But alas, the man is learning,
Future selves erase the shame.
Many faces are connecting,
Changing what has come before.
What's been done he is correcting,
Gallifrey shall fall no more.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 3 0
Atlas Died (Lost at Sea)
Beneath the deep atlantic sea,
There lies a city proud and free,
Where everyone inside can be
A link that pulls the greatest chain.
We chose a different, better fate
And built a new, ambitious state,
But all our efforts died in vain.
O rise, Rapture, rise,
Your greatness has a price.
The songbird and the preacher know,
You've let the seeds of downfall grow.
From Adam and from Eve we came,
Evolving, rising, reaching fame,
But in the end it's all the same,
For Rapture brings it's children down.
The city eats the weak and grins,
A foul foundation built on sins
And with our failures we shall drown.
O weep, Rapture, weep,
Your pathway is too steep.
You turned on us and we on you,
The day we pay our debts is due.
So would you kindly come and die
And say the world outside goodbye?
There is no time to stop and cry,
The devolution will go on.
The stream of plasmid sways and swirls
And we devour little girls,
To wage a war that can't be won.
O fall, Rapture, fall,
The windows saw it all.
The out
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 0
Mature content
Nymphenbau :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 23
The Tumbling Towers of Oz
Mighty spires in the distance,
Made of emerald and jade,
Giving hope to our existence;
Pilgrims on a last crusade.
Everywhere our band is searching,
Following amazing tales.
Like apostles we are lurching
Onward through the deadly vales.
Wizard, wizard, make us stronger,
Heal us from our gloomy fates.
We can't wait here any longer,
Lead us to your tower's shades.
Finally we reach the city,
As we pray our journey's done.
Mighty wizard, show us pity;
You're salvation, you're the one.
Wizard, wizard, great pretender.
Charlatan! We were so blind!
You have fooled us with your splendor,
Heinous lies that seemed so kind.
There's no progress in deception,
Just the truth lets us exceed.
Bring him down, his ill conception,
Verity is what we need.
All your towers, they are crumbling,
Smoke and mirrors, fraud and fake.
All your promises are tumbling,
Built with cards, the house must break.
You're a healer? You're the piper
Leading rats through darkened streets.
You're the poison of a viper,
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 3 0
The Wild Hunt
Crimson taints the dark horizon,
Horsemen tread the bloody moon.
Hunters from a dreamscape wizen
Flee their world with eerie croon.
Icy winds are their companions,
All around falls deathly snow.
Specters rush through vales and canyons
Followed by a ghostly glow.
Tell the tale of kingdoms falling,
Of the slayers in the dark,
Axe and sword age, times appalling,
Of the swallow and the spark.
Elder blood and eldritch creatures
Clash in battles to the death.
There's a bird with ashen features,
Fighting on with freezing breath.
See the signs, the time is coming,
Madness takes what we have built.
See contempt and armies drumming
And the blood of ancients spilt.
Time of blight and blizzard's raging,
Time of wolfs and war-torn hills.
Every battle we are waging
Grips the world like deadly chills.
Merging spheres were the beginning,
Frost and light will be the end.
In this struggle there's no winning,
Just a bursting flame's ascent.
No last wish to turn the battle,
Just a witcher's silv'ry blade.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
The Devil's War (Vlad III. Dracula)
No tribute paid, the envoys slain,
They got the war they wanted.
Walachia will be their bane,
The sultan's troops get hunted.
The kings of Europe sent no aid,
Alone we shall be fighting.
Outnumbered we must bide and bait,
From shades we will be biting.
Our cavalry's charging, we light up the night.
The battle with torches brings chaos and blight.
The landscape is burning, their tents stand aflame,
For freedom we're yearning, we're birds none can tame.
Two brothers divided, their war rages on.
Towards Târgovişte, by morning we've won!
The sultan's men are closing in,
By nightfall we'll be ready.
With god and glory, gore and sin,
The ottomans fall steady.
They're screaming in our vicious traps,
Their will to fight is draining.
We make them tremble and collapse
And kill who is remaining.
In 1462 the final battle would ensue.
In lands where spawns of demons dwell,
Invading forces entered hell.
With 20000 turks impaled
The ottoman advance has failed.
A wood of bloody spears spread
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Coraline's Cat
You put your head right through the wall.
Adventurous, I see.
But don't you worry, there's no fall,
For guidance you have me.
There is a mirrored world beyond
Of terror and of glee.
Your other mother seems so fond
But never let's you be.
A mirror in the mirrorscape
Reflects a truthful light,
But what you see beyond the drape
Is filling you with fright.
The ghostly whispers cry and mourn,
So sorrowful the sight.
The stalking spider's evil bourn
Reveals her boundless spite.
You run towards the little door
From nets and hollow bliss
And shaken to your very core
You flee from the abyss.
Now follow me, no rabbit hole
Is worth a fate like this.
But have you really reached your goal
Or is it all amiss?
I tried to warn you, tried to show
What lies in realms of awe.
The beast is coming and will sew
With greedy, ghoulish maw.
You will be buttoned up and and cold,
A doll with not a flaw.
So fight the stitches, get a hold
And hold on to my paw.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 3 0
Paws Not Dead - Colored :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 0


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Greetings, earthlings, lunarist rebels and other entities!

My name is Whitey and I'm an author and library science student from germany. I write narrative poetry about everything that makes a good story, be it games, animes, books, history and legend or my own creations.

Some people say I only write about war. That's not true, there's also death, destruction and madness. Oh, and glory of course. So much glory, you're gonna be a war hero just by reading through my gallery.

My blood-type is earl grey, my favourite flower is tree and my spirit animal is Wednesday Addams.


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