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Fourteen on the Hill (The Second Battle of Sodden)
"No! I will not give in and I won't be swayed! I am the "Fourteenth of the Hill"! I am not a little frightened girl from a dark Maribor Tower anymore..."
Fourteen on the hill are ready
For their deadly final stand.
Face the onslaught brave and steady,
Never show a trembling hand.
Mages of the ancient coven
Go towards a gory death.
Threads of fate are interwoven,
Leading to their final breath.
Soldiers storm the slopes of Sodden,
Sparking magic blocks their path.
Even though they will be trodden,
Sorcerers unleash their wrath.
Chestnut hair is lost and burning,
Pallid skin forever stained.
You grow stronger, but you're yearning
For your former self regained.
Bear the scars of steel and fire,
Some of them will never heal.
No escaping Sodden's spire,
Memories you can't conceal.
Fourteen graves of stone erected,
One of them inscribed in vain.
By the underworld rejected
Just the fourteenth will remain.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 4 0
Calico Hellcat (The Stand of Bonny and Read)
Just a kitten on the day
The ocean called her yonder,
So she packed and went to fray,
For treasure, love and wonder.
"Yo, ho, ho, and off to sea",
The Calico was saying.
"Anney, come and sail with me,
Together we'll be laying."
They married on their pirate ship
And went to take a raiding trip
To Cuba's white and tropic strands
And swashbuckled with bloody hands.
"Piracy's our daily bread,
Towards sun we're cruising.
With a bounty on my head
I'm fighting, killing, boozing!"
Sailing to Jamaica's coast,
With Rackham to endeavor.
Mary Read did join their host,
A band that none could sever.
In time a tender love arose
That drew the pirate woman close
And maybe, when they both were drunk,
The two of them did share a bunk.
But alas, their downfall came,
Their hunters were arriving,
So she put the men to shame
And never gave up striving.
"Fight like gals, ye scurvy rats,
No soldier shall be boarding!
Draw ye swords, me hearties! Let's
Make all of this rewarding!"
She fought with spite and razo
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 3 0
Nymphenbau Cover by AlmostWhitey Nymphenbau Cover :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0 Die Hexe von Nymphenbau Cover by AlmostWhitey Die Hexe von Nymphenbau Cover :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
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Die Hexe von Nymphenbau - Teil 7 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 0
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Die Hexe von Nymphenbau - Teil 1 :iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 3 0
Nymphaea's Thorns (The Downfall of Merlin)
In the dawn I see you rising
From the lakeside mesmerizing,
Where you look so tantalizing
        Bathing in the golden light.
Nimue, o nymph of water,
Avalon's most fairest daughter,
        Let us meet here in the night!
Sunshine makes your shoulders glitter,
In the wind your hair does flitter
And as birds begin to twitter
        You look up to newborn skies.
All my thoughts you are consuming
Standing 'twixt the lilies blooming,
        Gazing with aquatic eyes.
Mermaid, Naiad, creekbound fairy,
Touched by springtime's breezes airy,
Splashed with droplets, don't you tarry,
        Come to shore and lay with me!
Linked by fate and far from sorrow
We could sit here 'till tomorrow,
        Basking in romantic glee!
In my dreams we are entwining,
For your wet caress I'm pining,
But for years now you're declini
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 2 0
Avalon (The Long Watch)
Avalon, you isle of apples,
Overgrown with weed and rye.
Avalon, our sanctuary,
Where the greatest heroes lie.
Avalon, a realm forgotten
Underneath a misty sky.
Winds of times forlorn are waving,
Moving just an ancient craving.
Nimue is always watching,
Waiting for the king's return.
In her hands the nymph is clutching
High and holy Caliburn.
History is being written,
Thousand years are going by.
Still she's waiting - faithful, smitten -
Certain that the time is nigh.
Chaos grips the world with thunder,
Avalon remains unchanged.
In the midst of war and plunder
Stagnancy appears deranged.
Even so, the lady's biding
In the shades of ruins old
For the time the king is riding
Once again towards his hold.
Camelot shall be emerging,
Knights shall roam the world once more.
So she stands on oceans surging,
Gazing to this unreal shore.
Avalon, you isle of legend,
Where the world remains the same.
Avalon, a dreamscape fabled,
Guarded by a single dame.
Avalon, a place eternal,
Waiting for King Ar
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
537 A.D. (The Battle of Camlann)
In Camlann, by the crooked bank,
Where shields were cleft and swords did clank,
There was an epic battle fought,
A war of kin, a war for naught.
Two armies clashed there on the hill,
They broke their armor, bones and will
And as they had their knightly toil
Their shedded blood was mixed with soil.
The traitor Mordred died in vain
And Arthur, who was stabbed and slain,
Was brought across the foggy sea
As monarch once and king to be.
The sword was given to the lake,
Without a word, without a wake,
And as the holy weapon drowned,
The last of knights stood there and frowned.
The fray in Camlann was the fall
Of Arthur, who had stood so tall,
And like his visions, lost in gore,
His Camelot was nevermore.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Excalibur (Promised Victory)
Cast ashore by fairest hand
From waters crystal-clear,
A blade to rule the British land
And slay the age of fear.
Exalted like a golden wing,
The sword was cast in stone.
Who raises it shall be the king
And sit upon the throne.
It radiates, it shimmers bright
And victory it brings.
Emitting holy, hallowed light;
How heavenly it sings!
It gives you immortality
And cuts through hardest steel.
It grants invincibility
And makes all evil kneel.
Excalibur it's noble name,
The blade was forged by fay.
It promises eternal fame
And luck in every fray.
So, Arthur, draw the sword and rise,
Ascend from humankind!
With Albion your rightful prize,
Your destiny you'll find!
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0
Son of a Dragon (The Knight-King)
In times of struggle, war and cold,
In Britain's darkest days,
A boy was born we should behold,
A prince that's blessed by fays.
Descended from a dragonlord,
Conceived with magic aid,
This bastard child will draw the sword,
As always was his fate.
He will be king of noble knights,
The English crown he'll claim.
He will prevail in many fights
And Arthur is his name.
When finally he takes the throne,
He dreams of lasting peace.
A castle of the whitest stone
Is what his vision sees.
He rides across the British isle,
Excalibur in hand,
To pagan gods, towards crusade
And to his final stand.
We praise the mighty winter king,
The wizard and the queen.
Majestic tales the bards will sing,
So courtly and serene.
:iconalmostwhitey:AlmostWhitey 1 0


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Wow, I have a Daily Deviation now. This escalated quickly. Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] 

I mean, I didn't apply for this or anything. I just had this poem no one even liked and suddenly it's on the front page. This is unexpected and awesome. Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1]

Thanks so much to doughboycafe for featuring it.

And thanks for the favs everybody. Sushi no bg 
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Greetings, earthlings, lunarist rebels and other entities!

My name is Whitey and I'm an author and library science student from germany. I write narrative, heavy metal inspired poetry about everything that makes a good story, be it games, animes, books, history and legend or my own creations.

Some people say I only write about war. That's not true, there's also death, destruction and madness. Oh, and glory of course. So much glory, you're gonna be a war hero just by reading through my gallery.

My blood-type is earl grey, my favourite flower is tree and my spirit animal is Wednesday Addams.



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